Aseanta is an excellent vehicle for private travel trade sectors, NTOs, and government to interact on ASEAN tourism related matters. We believe that the synergy between these key agencies have huge potential to accelerate Asean tourism. -- En Dzulkefli Zakaria, MAS

ASEANTA has provided a valuable platform for the travel and tourism industry of ASEAN to exchange views and experiences, and ASEANTA has also been an effective spokesman for us. With the establishment of the permanent secretariat in Kuala Lumpur and with the first full-time Executive Director now on board ASEANTA is poised to be even more effective. -- Tunku Iskandar, President, MATTA

ASEANTA gives the industry players a platform to look at problems as well as their solutions on a regional basis, thus allowing close interaction and co-operation between the private sector associations, national carriers and NTOs of the ASEAN countries. This in turn greatly enhances the success of ASEAN and intra-ASEAN tourism promotions. -- Lee Liat Cheng, President, NATAS

ASEANTA will always be the one and only association in ASEAN for members to convey their messages. With so many problems hitting the tourism industry of ASEAN members, we need to support one another even more. Now is the time for us to rely on our own region's strength. We must believe that ASEAN is a great destination. -- Elly Hutabarat, ASITA

The development and satisfactory progress of tourism in our region cannot be achieved without the necessary cooperation of all the agencies involved in the Industry. ASEANTA is excellent in coordinating the work of various associations such as hotels, Tour Operators, Airlines as well as NTOs. Many problems can be solved through our mutual cooperation. By working well together, ASEANTA is the perfect organization for mutually promoting Tourism for the Asian countries. -- Roberto Jothikasthira, ATTA