ASEAN tourism landscape is metamorphosing rapidly. Such turbulent times often demand swift and decisive action from industry leaders.

Being a leader in our field, we continuously set ourselves apart by being a first mover in tourism development and growth. Drawing on our experience and guided by our sensitivity to the diverse nature of the ASEAN tourism landscape, we create exciting and innovative events, projects and programs for our members to participate in.

Organizations join us because they know we deliver. And our operating philosophy is simple, based upon results. In the face of ever-changing market conditions, our Association is consistently one step ahead of industry trends – delivering to our members new products and services way before others do.

Improve and add value to your business and management by becoming a member of ASEAN's preferred tourism representative. ASEANTA provides you with:

Opportunities for networking both locally and internationally
Participation in International Trade Fairs and Conventions for new business ideas and ventures
Participate in Joint Consultation with Government bodies and Ministries to resolve economic and business issues
Improve your business decisions by having access to local and international tourism related publications, studies, talks and presentations
Network and collaborate with other Industrial and Economic organizations and associations
Participate in Training and Development programmes at discounted rates
Enjoy other benefits that will help to improve your business and management