The ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) was formed on 27th March 1971. ASEANTA is a non-profit tourism association comprising both public and private tourism sector organizations from ASEAN.

Through our humble beginnings, ASEANTA has grown to become a tourism association of influence within the ASEAN tourism landscape, playing an integral role in shaping tourism development growth and policies in the ASEAN region. We exist because we want to:


- Unite our members in common purpose, working in a close bond of cooperation, fellowship and assistance in furthering and protecting the interest of our members.

- Strive towards the attainment of the highest standards of service and facilities for travelers and tourists.

- Uphold the dignity and ethics of the tourism business and to strive towards its professionalism.

- Foster and maintain the best of relationships among the ASEAN countries and their people.

- Encourage, support and help develop tourism into and within the ASEAN region.

- Act as negotiating body for members of the Association and to make recommendations to government departments or Agencies or other bodies in relations to any measure which may be taken involving members and/or the travel industry in ASEAN countries.

- Serve on or offer assistance to any government, statutory or International body in connection with tourism matters.